Supermarket Nik Star is built in 2003 and opened doors for its customers the same year. It is in the centre of Sunny Beach, on the main alley next to Kuban. The supermarket opens in the middle of the spring and closes late in the autumn. It is open 24/7, no days off throughout the whole season. With the years and our experience we are trying to please our customers and to have a wide variety of products at very good prices and excellent custom service.

In our supermarket you can find:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Dairy and meat products;
  • Variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – Bulgarian and imported ;
  • Extremely huge selection of white and red wines from all the regions near Sunny Beach, all of Bulgaria and even from foreign countries;
  • Full assortment of tobacco products ;
  • Salty and sweet products;
  • Male and female cosmetics ;
  • Household goods and cleaning products;
  • Beach goods and many others.

Our goal is every of our customers to receive the best consultation and service in order to save their time. Visit us and see for yourself!